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Computer Awareness Questions and Answers

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1. _____ developed a SAGA-220 super computer in 2011.
  • A. NASA
  • B. C-DAC
  • C. BARC
  • D. ISRO
Answer: D.
2. The earlier computers, which were massive is size, were based on
  • A. Vacuum tubes
  • B. Core 2 duo
  • C. P4 processor
  • D. Microprocessor
Answer: A.
Vacuum tubes
3. Who described the feature 'read one card at a time' of tabulating machine?
  • A. Herman Hollerith
  • B. John Pele
  • C. John Von Newmann
  • D. Howard Aiken
Answer: A.
Herman Hollerith
4. Any computer of computer you can see and touch is
  • A. Storage
  • B. Software
  • C. Hardware
  • D. Peripheral
Answer: C.