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Double Synonyms

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1. I. The Government pleaded the terrorists to release the abducted ambassador.
II. Don't be so lavish in your habits.
  • A. Discharge
  • B. Free
  • C. Liberate
  • D. Squander
Ans: B.
2. I. I think this particular book gives you all the desired knowledge on this topic.
II. For packaging one needs to have an idea of the desired dimensions of the box in which a set of items is to be considered.
  • A. Edition
  • B. Matter
  • C. Text
  • D. Volume
Ans: D.
3. I. His understanding of the subject was really good.
II. Saran had to hold on to the handle of the door with all his strength.
  • A. Pull
  • B. Grasp
  • C. Power
  • D. Make
Ans: B.