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Reconstruction Of Sentences

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1. In the coming session,
(P) of our computer management services
(Q) to make them
(R) more useful, efficient and cost effective
(S) we are undertaking a through review
for your needs.
  • A. PQRS
  • B. QRSP
  • C. RSPQ
  • D. SPQR
2. Education is
(P) of the proper sense of responsibilities
(Q) the first need
(R) in a citizen
(S) for the development
  • A. PQRS
  • B. QSPR
  • C. SQPR
  • D. QSRP
3. The captain
(P) when engaged against the enemy
(Q) who was himself a brave man
(R) never to lose heart
(S) advised the soliders
  • A. PQSR
  • B. QPSR
  • C. QSRP
  • D. SQRP