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Computer Objective Type Questions and Answers

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1. What is the name given to the weapons which use computerized guidance system?
  • A. Guided weapons
  • B. Starwars weapons
  • C. Dumb weapons
  • D. Smart weapons
Answer: D.
Smart weapons
2. A device or system not directly connected to the CPU is
  • A. Online
  • B. Keyboard
  • C. Offline
  • D. Memory
Answer: C.
3. The time taken for the read/write head to move to the correct track on the magnetic disk is called
  • A. Approach time
  • B. Seek time
  • C. Latency delay
  • D. Epoch delay
Answer: B.
Seek time
4. The most important advantage of a video disk is
  • A. Cost effectiveness
  • B. Durability
  • C. Potential capacity
  • D. Compactness
Answer: C.
Potential capacity