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Computer Software Questions and Answers

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1. Which of the following is an example of application software?
  • A. Linux
  • B. Mac OSX
  • C. MS Word 2007
  • D. Microsoft Windows
Answer: C.
MS Word 2007
2. What is a collection of programs written to provide services to other program?
  • A. Real time software
  • B. System software
  • C. Embedded software
  • D. Business software
Answer: B.
System software
3. What is the full form of DTP?
  • A. Desktop Product
  • B. Desktop publishng
  • C. Dynamic Technology Product
  • D. Desktop Phising
Answer: B.
Desktop publishng
4. What transform one interface into another interface?
  • A. Hardware
  • B. Software
  • C. Data
  • D. Program
Answer: B.