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Situation Reaction Test

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1. Friendship to you is
  • A. A burden
  • B. An emotional language
  • C. An understanding between two or more people
  • D. A conditional relationship
Ans: C.
An understanding between two or more people.
2. You find that the person whom you call friend has been cheating you. What would you do?
  • A. Make him realize his mistake
  • B. Break relations with him
  • C. Tell other friends about him
  • D. Give him tit for tat
Ans: A.
Make him realize his mistake.
3. While sitting in a park, you observe that a smart young man comes to the place on a scooter, leaves it there and goes away with someone else on a motorbike. You would
  • A. Call back the person
  • B. Remain engaged in your enjoyment
  • C. Chase the person
  • D. Inform the police at the nearby booth
Ans: D.
Inform the police at the nearby booth.
4. In a public dealing jobs, one must be
  • A. Punctual
  • B. A good listener
  • C. Quick at taking decisions
  • D. Polite and humble
Ans: B.
A good listener.
5. Your friend has not invited you to his marriage party. You will
  • A. Attend the ceremony
  • B. Hold it against him
  • C. Send him your best wishes
  • D. Ignore the whole affair
Ans: C.
Send him your best wishes.