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Banking Mcq Questions

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17. The RBI provides
  • A. direct finance to agriculture
  • B. refinance to agriculture
  • C. direct short term finance to agriculture
  • D. direct long term finance to agriculture
Answer: D.
direct long term finance to agriculture
18. Green Banking Channel has been launched by
  • A. SBI
  • B. UTI
  • C. RBI
  • D. PNB
Answer: A.
19. Which of the following Indian Banks is not a nationalized bank?
  • A. Vijaya Bank
  • B. Dena Bank
  • C. Federal Bank
  • D. Corporation Bank
Answer: C.
Federal Bank
20. Which of the following combination is correct?
  • A. IDBI : Short term loans
  • B. RRB : Agricultural finance
  • C. RBI : Long term finance
  • D. NABARD : Industrial loans
Answer: B.
RRB : Agricultural finance