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Zoology Mcq Questions and Answers

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37. Which one among the following is not a living fossil?
  • A. Ginkgo
  • B. Diplodocus
  • C. Stromatolite
  • D. Elephant Shrew
Answer: B.
38. Which one of the following parts of human brain is the regulating centre for swallowing and vomiting?
  • A. Cerebellum
  • B. Cerebrum
  • C. Medulla oblongata
  • D. Cortex
Answer: C.
Medulla oblongata
39. The scientist who firstly explained about the blood circulation
  • A. Ronald Ros
  • B. J.G. Mendel
  • C. William Harvey
  • D. A. Leeuwenhoek
Answer: C.
William Harvey
40. Antigen is a substance which
  • A. lowers body temperature
  • B. destroys harmful bacteria
  • C. triggers the immune system
  • D. is used as an antidote to poison
Answer: C.
triggers the immune system