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Zoology Mcq Questions and Answers

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45. The Devil fish belongs to the genus of
  • A. Cipia
  • B. Mobula
  • C. Teridi
  • D. Pyla
Answer: B.
46. In countries where polished rice is the main cereal in their diet, people suffer from
  • A. Scurvy
  • B. Pellagra
  • C. Osteomalacia
  • D. Beri beri
Answer: D.
Beri beri
47. The 1968 Nobel prize for Physiology or Medicine was shared by Holley, Khorana and Niren berg, for
  • A. genetic code
  • B. discovery of RNA
  • C. meiosis
  • D. genetic structure
Answer: A.
genetic code
48. Octopus is
  • A. a molluscs
  • B. an echinoderm
  • C. an arthropod
  • D. a hemichordate
Answer: A.
a molluscs