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Indian Politics Gk Questions

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13. Who among the following is the chairman of the National Integration council?
  • A. The President
  • B. The Vice President
  • C. The Prime Minister
  • D. The Chief Justice of India
Answer: C.
The Prime Minister
14. Who is the highest civil servant of the Union Government?
  • A. Attorney General
  • B. Cabinet Secretary
  • C. Home Secretary
  • D. Principal Secretary of the P.M
Answer: B.
Cabinet Secretary
15. The chairman of the Lok Sabha is designated as
  • A. Chairman
  • B. Speaker
  • C. Vice President
  • D. President
Answer: B.
16. Who among the following forms the advisory committee of the parliament?
  • A. Vice President of India
  • B. Minister of Parliamentary Affairs
  • C. President of India
  • D. Speaker of the Lok Sabha
Answer: D.
Speaker of the Lok Sabha