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Indian Politics Gk Questions

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17. In India, the Prime Minister remains in office so long as he enjoys the
  • A. Support of armed forces
  • B. Confidence of Rajya Sabha
  • C. Confidence of Lok Sabha
  • D. Support of the people
Answer: C.
Confidence of Lok Sabha
18. Who decides whether a Bill is a money Bill or not?
  • A. The President
  • B. The Prime Minister
  • C. The parliamentary Select Committee
  • D. Speaker of the Lok Sabha
Answer: D.
Speaker of the Lok Sabha
19. How is legislative excess of parliament and state Assemblies checked?
  • A. General elections
  • B. Judicial review
  • C. No confidence motions
  • D. Intervention from president/Governor
Answer: C.
No confidence motions
20. By which bill the Government proposes the collection of revenues for a year?
  • A. Economic Bill
  • B. Finance Bill
  • C. Supplementary Bill
  • D. None of these
Answer: B.
Finance Bill