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Biology Model Questions

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29. Cow milk is a rich source of
  • A. Vitamin A
  • B. Vitamin B1
  • C. Vitamin C
  • D. Vitamin D
Answer: B.
Vitamin B1
30. The mineral which supports blood clotting
  • A. Calcium
  • B. Iron
  • C. Potassium
  • D. Iodine
Answer: A.
31. Fish culture is otherwise known as
  • A. Seri culture
  • B. Pisci culture
  • C. Agri culture
  • D. Hatchary culture
Answer: B.
Pisci culture
32. Which is the largest mammal?
  • A. African Elephant
  • B. Polar pea
  • C. Whale
  • D. Hippopotamus
Answer: C.