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6. What are the applications of data warehouse?
  • Datawarehouse are used extensively in banking and financial services, consumer goods.
  • Datawarehouse is mainly used for generating reports and answering predefined queries.
  • Datawarehouse is used for strategic purposes, performing multidimensional analysis.
  • Datawarehouse is used for knowledge discovery and strategic decision making using data mining tools.
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7. What are the types of datawarehouse applications?
  • Info processing
  • Analytical processing
  • Data mining
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8. What is metadata?
  Metadata is defined as the data about data. Metadata describes the entity and attributes description.
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9. What are the benefits of Datawarehousing?
    The implementation of a data warehouse can provide many benefits to an organization. A data warehouse can :
  • Facilitate integration in an environment characterized by un–integrated applications.
  • Integrate enterprise data across a variety of functions.
  • Integrate external as well as internal data.
  • Support strategic and long–term business planning.
  • Support day–to–day tactical decisions.
  • Enable insight into business trends and business opportunities.
  • Organize and store historical data needed for analysis.
  • Make available historical data, extending over many years, which enables trend analysis.
  • Provide more accurate and complete information.
  • Improve knowledge about the business.
  • Enable cost–effective decision making.
  • Enable organizations to understand their customers, and their needs, as well competitors.
  • Enhance customer servicc and satisfaction.
  • Provide competitive advantage.
  • Provide easy access for end–users.
  • Provide timely access to corporate information.
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10. What is the difference between dimensional table and fact table?
  A dimension table consists of tuples of attributes of the dimension. A fact table can be thought of as having tuples, one per a recorded fact. This fact contains some measured or observed variables and identifies them with pointers to dimension tables.
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