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6. What is the difference between const and static readonly?
  The difference is that static readonly can be modified by the containing class, but const can never be modified and must be initialized to a compile time constant. To expand on the static readonly case a bit, the containing class can only modify it:
- in the variable declaration (through a variable initializer)
- in the static constructor (instance constructors if it's not static).
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7. What is an Indexer?
  An indexer is a member that enables an object to be indexed in the same way as an array.
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8. What is difference between constants, readonly and, static ?
  • Constants : The value can't be changed.
  • Read-only : The value will be initialized only once from the constructor of the class.
  • Static : Value can be initialized once.
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9. What is a static constructor?
  A constructor for a class, rather than instances of a class. The static constructor is called when the class is loaded.
  Posted by Surender. (Nov 14, 2013)

Static constructor does not contain parameters. class contain only one static constructors.

  Posted by Aditya. (May 01, 2013)

Constructor has same name of class. if class name is ‘a’ than it should necessary the constructor name is also ‘a’'.

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10. What is a Class?
  A class describes all the attributes of objects as well as the methods that implements the behavior of member objects.
  Posted by Arun. (Jun 27, 2014)

Class is a collection of object and methods.A new keyword is used to create an object.

  Posted by Rukasana H Dange. (Jan 23, 2014)

Class is collection of an object. It is a blueprint that describes the details(characteristics and behaviour) of an object for e.g

Bird is a class.
Kingfisher, Peacock, Sparrow are all birds. They all lay eggs,covered with feather, have ability to fly so they share common characteristics and features and belong to the class called bird.

  Posted by Chandan. (May 22, 2013)

Class is a collection object. Class is a collection of data member & member function. Class has no existance.

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