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46. How does CAS work?
  The CAS security policy revolves around two key concepts – code groups and permissions. Each .NET assembly is a member of a particular code group, and each code group is granted the permissions specified in a named permission set.
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47. What is serialization in .NET?
  Serialization is the process of converting an object into a stream of bytes.
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48. What does an assembly contain?
  • Manifest - The metadata describing the information below.
  • Assembly name - Aids in versioning and visibility scope.
  • Version information - The version number is integrated into the assembly's identity.
  • Types - Boundaries and scopes of methods, classes, properties, events and attributes.
  • Locale - Information describing language/culture.
  • Cryptographic Hash - Public key encoded hash acting as version/security check.
  • Security Permissions - The permissions within the assembly determine the permissions that can be granted for all aspects of the assembly contents.
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49. What is a Windows process?
  Windows process is an application that's running and had been allocated memory.
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50. Can one DLL file contains the compiled code of more than one .NET language?
  No, a DLL file can contain the compiled code of only one programming language.
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