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81. What are the types of assignment statements?
    C supports a variety of assignment statements. These are given below :
  • Simple assignment statement
  • Multiple assignment statement
  • Arithmetic assignment statement
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82. What is the sizeof () operator?
  Even though it looks like a keyword, sizeof( ) is an operator which is used to know the memory size of the data types and variables. This operator returns the number of bytes allocated for the variable (or) data type. The format of the sizeof() operator is as follows.
sizeof (v);
where v is a variable name / data type / value.
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83. What is the use of bitwise operator?
  The bitwise operator performs the operation on bits (i.e. bit by bit). Using the bitwise operators we can set / reset / check any bit in the value of the variable.
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84. What is the Difference between = and = = Operators?
  The two operators = and == are used for assignment and checking respectively. If not properly used, it causes many problems. The following program illustrates what will happen if we use = instead of = =.
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85. What is unary operator?
  The operators that act upon a single operand to produce a new value are known as unary operators.
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