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86. What are the types of unary operators?
    C support unary operators are :
  • minus operator -
  • increment operator + +
  • decrement operator –
  • size operator
  • (type) operator
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87. What is the difference between break and continue?
  The break statement is used to exit from all the loop constructs (while, do while and for) and statements, whereas the continue statement is used to skip all subsequent instructions and can control back to the loop control. The continue statement can be used for any loop construct.
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88. What is storage class?
  The storage class in C provides the complete information about the location and visibility of variables. Scope of a variable means the portion of the program within which it can be referenced and lifetime means the time of its existence in the memory.
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89. What are the different storage classes in C?
    There are four types of storage classes.
  • Automatic : Variable used as a local variable. This is the default one. Initial value of variable is garbage value without initialization.
  • Extern : Variable used as a local variable. Retains its value during next function call.
  • Regiter : Variable used as a local variable. May be stored in register if possible. Default initial value is garbage value.
  • Static : Variable used as a global variable.
  Posted by Ajay. (Jun 15, 2014)

Static Variables are global variables and can be as local variables, where its scope is with in file if declared global and is with in function if declared local. Static variable are stored in data segment so even if the function exits the variable still exists.

  Posted by Kamayani. (May 15, 2014)

Well... registers and auto have initial value as garbage, registers are the only storage class which are located in Cpu registers, rest all are located in the memory and lastly, STATIC IS LOCAL TO THE BLOCK WHEREAS, EXTERN IS GLOBAL ! (-_-)

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90. What are the types of bitwise operator?
    There are three types of bitwise operator.
  • Bitwise AND(&)
  • Bitwise OR(|)
  • Bitwise Exclusive OR(^)
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