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96. What are the advantages of the functions?
  • It reduces the complexity in a program by reducing the code
  • Function are easily understanding and reliability and execution is faster
  • It also reduces the time to run a program.In other way, Its directly proportional to complexity
  • Its easy to find-out the errors due to the blocks made as function definition outside the main function.
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97. What are the characteristics of arrays in C?
  • An array holds elements that have the same data type
  • Array elements are stored in subsequent memory locations
  • Two–dimensional array elements are stored row by row in subsequent memory locations
  • Array name represents the address of the starting element
  • Array size should be mentioned in the declaration. Array size must be a constant expression and not a variable.
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98. What is the difference between arrays and pointers?
  Array is collection of similar datatype. it is a static memory allocation means we can not increment and decrement the arry size once we allocated. and we can not increment the base address, reassign address.
Pointer is a dynamic memory allocation. we can allocate the size as we want, assigning into another variable and base address incrementation is allowed.
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99. What is else if ladder?
  The else if ladder helps select one out of many alternative blocks of statements for execution depending on the mutually exclusive conditions.
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100. What is class?
  A class represents description of objects that share same attributes and actions. It defines the characteristics of the objects such as attributes and actions or behaviors. It is the blue print that describes objects.
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