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Mainframe Questions and Answers

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1. What is Segmented table space?
  • Segmented table space can have one or more tables. Each table space is divided into 4 to 64 pages length of segments in increments of 4 pages.
  • A segment is dedicated to a single table and one table can occupy multiple segments.
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2. What is Partitioned table space?
  In partitioned table space one table is accommodated.
Table space is divided into different parts and every part is put in a separate VSAM dataset.
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3. Explain the difference between SEARCH and SEARCH ALL?
  • SEARCH is a serial search.
  • SEARCH ALL is a binary search and the table must be sorted (ASCENDING/DESCENDING KEY clause to be used & data loaded in this order) before using SEARCH ALL.
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4. What is use of a scope terminator?
  Scope terminator is used to mark the end of a verb.
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