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9. Explain the difference between performing a SECTION and a PARAGRAPH?
  Performing a SECTION will cause all the paragraphs that are part of the section, to be performed whereas performing a PARAGRAPH will cause only that paragraph to be performed.
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10. What are the types of declaratives used in COBOL?
  • Exception: Exception is used for errors that occur in a file handling procedure.
  • Debugging: Debugging isused for debugging lines with "D" code in w-s section.
  • Label: Label is used to indicate a beginning
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11. What is Simple table space?
  A simple table space can have one or more tables. The rows from multiple tables can be interleaved on a page under the control and maintenance of DBA.
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12. What is file status 92 means?
  File status 92 means logic error.
e.x. a file is opened for input and an attempt is made to write to it.
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