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1. Define Operating system?
  An operating system is a program that controls the execution of application programs and acts as an interface between the user of a computer and the computer hardware.
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2. What are the functions of operating system?
  Operating system performs three functions:
  • Convenience : An OS makes a computer more convenient to use.
  • Efficiency: An OS allows the computer system resources to be used in an efficient manner.
  • Ability to evolve: An OS should be constructed in such a way as to permit the effective development, testing and introduction of new system functions without at the same time interfaring with service.
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3. Define Process?
  A Process ( also known as Task) is an instance of a program in execution. While a program is just a passive entity, a process is an active entity performing the intended functions of its related program. It is the smallest unit of work that is independently schedulable.
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4. What are the types of schedulers?
  Schedulers are of three types.
  • Long term scheduler
  • Short term scheduler
  • Medium term scheduler
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