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Software Engineering Interview Questions and Answers

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1. Define software?
  Software is nothing but a collection of computer programs and related documents that are intended to provide desired features, functionalities and better performance. Software products may be
  • Generic – That means developed to be sold to a range of different customers.
  • Custom – That means developed for a single customer according to their specification. A computer network refers to a collection of two or more computers (nodes) which are connected together to share information and resources.
  • Nodes are connected if they are capable of exchanging information with each other.
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2. What are the various categories of software?
  Software can be applied in a situation for which a predefined set of procedural steps (algorithm) exists. Based on a complex growth of software it can be classified categories:
  • System software
  • Application software
  • Engineering/scientific software
  • Embedded software
  • Web applications
  • Artificial intelligence software
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3. What is the difference between unit testing and system testing?
  In this type of testing individual components are tested.
In this testing, the whole system is tested.
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4. What is the difference between System software and Application software?
  System software: It is a collection of programs written to service other programs. Typical programs in this category are compiler, editors, and assemblers. The purpose of the system software is to establish a communication with the hardware.
Application software: It consists of standalone programs that are developed for specific business need. This software may be supported by database systems.
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