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General Awareness Questions and Answers

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21. Nilgiris Hills are known as
  • A. Tea Treasure
  • B. Blue Mountains
  • C. Roof of the World
  • D. Spice Garden of India
22. The bacterial disease spread through th water is
  • A. Malaria
  • B. Jaundice
  • C. Cholera
  • D. Hepatatatis–B
23. The green colour of the plant is due to the presence of
  • A. Amino acids
  • B. Carotenoids
  • C. Chlorophyll
  • D. Xanothophyll
24. The chemical name of Bauxite is
  • A. Aluminium oxide
  • B. Hydrated aluminum oxide
  • C. Aluminum Carbonate
  • D. Aluminum sulphide
25. If the magnitude of velocity of a body decreases then the body is in
  • A. impulse
  • B. acceleration
  • C. retardation
  • D. displacement