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Tnpsc Computer Awareness Questions and Answers

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5. The second highest Gallantry award is
  • A. Ashok chakra
  • B. Arjuna Award
  • C. Vir Chakra
  • D. Mahavir Chakra
Answer: D.
Mahavir Chakra
6. Kabir Puraskar is related to which field?
  • A. Hindi literature
  • B. Promotion of communal harmony
  • C. Sculpture
  • D. Cultural development
Answer: B.
Promotion of communal harmony
7. Dada Saheb Phalke Award constituted in 1969 for which field?
  • A. Sports
  • B. Science
  • C. Literature
  • D. Film
Answer: D.
8. Saraswati Samman is given to which field?
  • A. Social Harmony
  • B. Literature
  • C. Sanskrit Literature
  • D. Science
Answer: B.