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Books Author Name
Jungle Book » Rudyard Kipling
Joe Wilson the Creation of Xerox » Chasles D. Ellis
Jurassic Park » Michael Crichton
Julius Caesar » William Shakespeare
Jean Christophe » Ramain Rolla
King Lear » William Shakespeare
Kim » Rudyard Kipling
Kidnapped » R.L. Stevenson
Last Days of Pompeii » Edward George Lytton
Leaves of Grass » Walt Whitman
Lighting » Danielle Steel
Love Story » Erich Segal
Letters for a Nation » Jawaharlal Nehru and Madhav Khosla
My Name is Abu Salem » S. Hussain Zaidi
My Son's Father » Dom Moraes
Mother India » Katherine Mayo
Midnight's Children » Salman Rushdie