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Logical Puzzles Questions and Answers

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16. Every station on the railway system sells tickets to every other station. Some new stations were added. 46 sets of additional sets of tickets were required. How many new stations have been added? How many stations were there originally?
Ans: 2 new stations .
11 existing stations.
17. You have 59 cubic blocks. What is the minimum number that needs to be taken away in order to construct a solid cube with none left over?
Ans: 32.
The next cube number below 64(4 ×4 ×4) is 27(3 ×3 ×3).
In order to construct a solid cube, therefore, with none left over,
59 – 27 = 32 blocks need to be taken away.
18. A blind man had only black or white socks. In his drawer he had 4 socks. He went to the drawer and took out 2 socks. The chances that he had a pair of white socks was 1/2. What were the chances that he had drawn out a pair of black socks?
Ans: ZERO.
He had 3 white socks and 1 black sock in his drawer. His chances were