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Datastage Interview Questions and Answers

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1. What are the components of datastage?
  Datastage consists of a number of client and server components. Datastage has four client components :
  • Datastage Designer
  • Datastage Director
  • Datastage Manager
  • Datastage Administrator
  Posted by Sushil. (May 13, 2013)

Server Components are:
Repository, Server and Plug-ins.

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2. What are the main features of datastage?
  DataStage has the following features to aid the design and processing required to build a data warehouse :
  • Uses graphical design tools. With simple point and click techniques you can draw a scheme to represent your processing requirements.
  • Extracts data from any number or types of database.
  • Handles all the metadata definitions required to define your data warehouse.
  • You can view and modify the table definitions at any point during the design of your application.
  • Aggregates data.
  • You can modify SQL SELECT statements used to extract data.
  • Transforms data. DataStage has a set of predefined transforms and functions. you can use to convert your data. You can easily extend the functionality by defining your own transforms to use.
  • Loads the data warehouse.
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3. What are the types of jobs availabe in datastage?
  • Server Job
  • Parallel Job
  • Sequencer Job
  • Container Job
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4. What is the difference between Server Job and Parallel Jobs?
  Server Jobs works in sequential way while parallel jobs work in parallel fashion (Parallel Extender work on the principal of pipeline and partition) for I/O processing.
  Posted by Anji M. (May 03, 2013)

1) Server jobs wre doesn’t support the partion tehnics but parallel jobs support the partion technics.
2) Server jobs are not support SMTP,MPP but parallel supports SMTP,MPP.
3) Server jobs are running in single node but parallel jobs are running in multiple nodes.
4) Server jobs prefer while geting source data is low but data is huge then prefer the parallael.

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5. Where the DataStage stored his repository?
  DataStage stored his repository in IBM Universe Database.
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