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Windows Application Questions and Answers

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1. What is managed and unmanaged windows application?
  • Unmanaged Windows Applications are created using Microsoft Foundation classes (MFC) with C/C++ languages.
  • Managed Windows Applications run under Common Language Runtime (CLR) and are created using. NET Framework class library with.NET languages.
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2. Which class is used to define the cntrols in the c#?
  • The controls in .NET are derived from the class System.Windows.Forms.Control class.
  • This class defines the basic functionality of the controls.
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3. How’s anchoring different from docking?
  • Anchoring treats the component as having the absolute size and adjusts its location relative to the parent form.
  • Docking treats the component location as absolute and disregards the component size.
  • So if a status bar must always be at the bottom no matter what, use docking.
  • If a button should be on the top right, but change its position with the form being resized, use anchoring.
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4. What is called Password Textbox?
  • It is a textbox that hides the information entered by the user.
  • For this the Password Char property should be set.
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