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Software Testing Language INTERVIEW QUESTION & ANSWERS

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5. What is software metrics?
  Software Metrics is a measurement of how well an organization is performing with respect to different activities it carries out.
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6. Why does software have Bugs?
  Here is the broad list of factors contributing to the presence of bugs in the software applications:
  • There is miscommunication about specifics of what an application should or shouldn't do.
  • Frequent changes requested by the customer leads to errors due to last minute design changes.
  • Software development tools like Visual tools, class libraries, compilers, scripting tools, etc. Often introduce their own bugs resulting in added 0bugs.
  • A quickly written but poorly documented code is bound to have bugs.
  • When project deadliness come too close and time pressures arise, mistakes are bound to come.
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7. What is SEPG?
  The Software Engineering Process Group or the SEPG group is a group of Process. Specialists. These individuals facilitate the definition, maintenance, and improvement of software processes used by the organization.
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8. What is Web Service Testing?
  A Web Service is a software component that is described via WSDL and is capable of being accessed via standard network protocols such as but not limited to SOAP over HTTP.
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