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Tnpsc Computer Awareness Questions and Answers

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37. The ________ is a physical aspect of the computer which is governed by programs.
  • A. Hardware
  • B. Hardboard
  • C. Hardcopy
  • D. None of these
38. Which of the memory is also known as main memory?
  • A. Primary memory
  • B. Secondary memory
  • C. External memory
  • D. None of these
39. It is a system program used to store the machine language program into the memory of the computer
  • A. Loader
  • B. Compilers
  • C. Assemblers
  • D. Interpreters
40. Front end processor is frequently used in
  • A. Multiprogramming
  • B. Virtual storage
  • C. Timesharing
  • D. Multiprocessing