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71. Split ring commutators are used in which of the following
  • A. AC motor
  • B. DC dynamo
  • C. AC dynamo
  • D. All of the above
72. In a reactor, Cadmium rods are used for
  • A. Speeding of neutrons
  • B. Slowing neutrons
  • C. Absorbing neutrons
  • D. dispersing neutrons
73. The science of Cryogenics deals with
  • A. high temperature
  • B. low temperatures
  • C. molecular biology
  • D. biotechnology
74. Rain drops assume spherical shape due to
  • A. surface tension
  • B. centrifugal force
  • C. centripetal force
  • D. gravitational force
75. In the human being, the part which is sensitive to light is
  • A. retina
  • B. sclera/b>
  • C. the eye balls
  • D. ciliary muscles