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Computer Quiz Answers

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1. The first movie released in 1982 with terrific computer animation and graphics was
  • A. Tron
  • B. Dark star
  • C. Forbidden planet
  • D. Star wars
2. What does the acronym ISDN stands for
  • A. Indian Standard Digital Network
  • B. Integrated Services Digital Network
  • C. Intelligent Services Digital Network
  • D. Integrated Services Data Network
3. The programming language used in Artificial Intelligence and expert system development is
  • A. RPG
  • C. C++
4. The name given to a program written in any one of the high level languages is
  • A. Object program
  • B. System program
  • C. Source program
  • D. Compiler program
5. A language for simulating models of business activity is
  • A. DL
  • B. COBOL
  • C. SPSS
  • D. GPSS