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25. What is memory leak?
  • Memory leak occurs when programmers create a memory in heap and forget to delete it.
  • Memory leaks are particularly serious issues for programs like daemons and servers which by definition never terminate.
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26. What are the Escape sequences present in C?
  • \n -Newline
  • \t -Tab
  • \b -Backspace
  • \r -carriage return
  • \t -Form feed
  • \a -Alert
  • \' -Single quote
  • \" -Double quotes
  • \\ -Backspace
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27. What is the difference between auto variable and register variable in C?
  Storage class of all variables is auto by default unless we specify a variable is register or static or extern in C program.
Register variables will be accessed very faster than the normal/auto variables.
Since they are stored in register memory rather than main memory.
But only limited variables can be used as register since register size is very low. (16 bits, 32 bits, or 64 bits).
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28. What is const pointer in C?
  Const pointer is a pointer that can't exchange the address of the variable that of pointing to.
Once const pointer is made to point one variable, we can't change this pointer to point to any other variable.
This pointer is called const pointer.
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