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29. What is meant by protocol?
  Protocol is nothing but a set of rules to be followed by a programmer.
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30. What are local static variables?
  • A local static variables is a variable whose lifetime doesn't end with a function call where it is declared.
  • It extends for the lifetime of complete program.
  • All calls to the function share the same copy of local static variables.
  • Static variables can be used to count the number of times a function is called.
  • Also, static variables get the default value as 0.
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31. Can array size be declared at the run time?
  Array size can't be declared at run time. Size of array must be known during compilation time. So, array size should be declared before compilation.
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32. What are pre processor directives?
  Pre processor directives are place at the beginning of a C program. They began with # symbol.
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