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46. Define data models?
  Underlying the structure of the database is called as data model. It is a collection of conceptual tools for describing data, data relationships, data semantics and consistency constraints.
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47. What are the different types of data models?
    There are different types of data models are :
  • Relational model
  • Network model
  • Entity relationship model
  • Hierarchical model
  • Object oriented model
  • Object relational model
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48. Which option must be used to drop a schema that still contains database objects?
  The CASCADE option allows the schema to be dropped if there are still objects under that schema.
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49. What is an authorization identifier?
  An authorization identifier is an object in the SQL environment that represents a user or group of users that are granted specific access privileges to objects and data within the SQL environment.
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50. How does a referential constraint differ from a unique constraint?
  Referential constraints are concerned with how data in one table relates to data in another table, ensuring referential integrity between the two tables. Unique constraints ensure the integrity within a table by blocking duplicate values.
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