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86. What type of actions can be performed by the triggered SQL statements?
  The triggered SQL statements can take such actions as updating tables, deleting data, invoking procedures, or performing most tasks that you can perform with SQL statements.
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87. What are the different types of triggers?
  • BEFORE Triggers
  • AFTER Triggers
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88. What is Normalisation?
  It is an essential part of database design. A good understanding of the semantic of data helps the designer to built efficient design using the concept of normalization.
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89. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Normalization?
    There are several advantages of normalization as under :
  • Faster sorting and index creation.
  • A larger number of clustered indexes.
  • Narrower and more compact indexes.
  • Fewer indexes per table, which improves the performance of INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements.
  • Fewer null values and less opportunity for inconsistency, which increase database compactness.
    Beside the above benefits there are few disadvantages as well :
  • Increased amount of Normalization increases the amount of complexity of joins between tables and that hinders the performance.
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90. Which type of identifier permits spaces to be used as part of the name of an object?
  A delimited identifier
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