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6. What is the difference between Dataset and Data reader?
  • Data Reader provides forward only and read only access to data, while the Data set objects can hold more than one table from the same data source as well as the relationships between them.
  • Dataset is a disconnected architecture while data reader is connected architecture.
  • Dataset can persist contents while data reader cannot persist contents they are forward only.
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7. What two types of data providers does ADO.NET supply? What determines which one you should use?
  ADO.NET contains the SQL data provider and the OLE DB data provider. Use the sqlDataProvider for SQL Server because it's optimized specifically for this database. Use the OLE DB provider for other databases.
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8. What is the use of connection object?
  • They are used to connect a data to a command object.
  • An OleDbconnection object is used with an OLEDB provider.
  • A SqlConnection object uses tabular data services (TDS) with MS SQL Server.
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9. What are basic methods of Dataadapter?
  There are three most commonly used methods of Data adapter :
  • Fill
  • FillSchema
  • Update
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10. What are the two main types of classes associated with errors that are thrown by ADO.NET classes?
  Objects of type sqlError and oleDbError are thrown by the ADO.NET classes.
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