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Web Services Interview Questions and Answers

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13. Define UDDI.
  • A centralized directory where the web services offered by different organizations are published.
  • A UDDI discovery has an advantage over a Disco file in that the directory provides a single location where clients can search the Web Services offered by different organizations.
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14. Give the properties that provide the information's about the exception.
  • Message,
  • Actor,
  • Code,
  • Detail
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15. How the Nagle Algorithm works.
  This algorithm collects the small data packets in to a buffer and then sent.
The small amounts of data should continue to be collected by TCP until it receives acknowledgement to send the data.
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16. What is Tree View?
  It is a control which displays nodes hierarchically in a tree.
A tree is a collection of nodes, usually organized in a hierarchical manner.
The first node of a tree is the root node.
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