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General Knowledge Questions and Answers

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1. The Shervaroy Hills can be found in
  • A. Maharashtra
  • B. Tamil Nadu
  • C. Gujarat
  • D. Bangladesh
Answer: B.
Tamil Nadu
2. National Ayurvedic Medical Centre is in
  • A. Thanjavur
  • B. Delhi
  • C. Chennai
  • D. Jaipur
Answer: C.
3. Einstein got the Nobel Prize for
  • A. Polarisation
  • B. Radioactivity
  • C. Photo electric effect
  • D. Relativity
Answer: D.
4. The metal present in haemoglobin is
  • A. Magnesium
  • B. Iron
  • C. Copper
  • D. Zinc
Answer: B.
5. The first woman President of the Indian National Congress was
  • A. Annie Besant
  • B. Kasturba Gandhi
  • C. Sarojini Naidu
  • D. Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit
Answer: A.
Annie Besant