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Zoology Gk Questions and Answers

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1. Who discovered the circulatory system of man?
  • A. William Harvey
  • B. Robert Hook
  • C. Robert Brown
  • D. Landsteiner
Answer: A.
William Harvey
2. The red colour of the blood is caused by
  • A. Plasma
  • B. Haemoglobin
  • C. Lymph
  • D. Monophils
Answer: B.
3. Which animal has the longer life span?
  • A. Dog
  • B. Horse
  • C. Elephant
  • D. Tortoise
Answer: C.
4. The infectious disease 'leprosy' is transmitted by
  • A. virus
  • B. worm
  • C. bacterium
  • D. insect
Answer: C.