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GK Questions for Bank Exams

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51. Abhinav Bindra is a famous
  • A. Politician
  • B. Journalist
  • C. Social worker
  • D. Sports personality
52. Which is the more powerful House of Legislature at the centre in India?
  • A. Lok Sabha (Lower House)
  • B. Rajva Sabha (Upper House)
  • C. Both are equally powerful
  • D. None of these
53. Which of the following is not a major rubber producing State?
  • A. Kerala
  • B. Tamil Nadu
  • C. Orissa
  • D. Karnataka
54. Which of the following countries is at the top of the list of nations having maximum quantity of Gold with them?
  • A. China
  • B. Russia
  • C. USA
  • D. India
55. Which of the following is a Banking Term?
  • A. Blue Book
  • B. Real Time Gross settlement
  • C. Embargo
  • D. Writ