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GK Questions for Bank Exams

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86. Ranji Trophy is associated with the game of
  • A. Golf
  • B. Hockey
  • C. Football
  • D. Cricket
87. Ramon Magsaysay Award 2009 has been awarded to Deep Joshi for his contribution in the field of
  • A. Sports
  • B. Literature
  • C. Social Service
  • D. Music
88. Rafael Nadal who won his first Wimbledon title recently is a
  • A. Golfer
  • B. Lawn Tennis player
  • C. Rifle shooter
  • D. Badminton player
89. Rabi season is considered between
  • A. May to Octomber
  • B. April to September
  • C. January to June
  • D. Octomber to March
90. Who amongst the following is not a Padma Award winner which was given away recently?
  • A. Kiran Desai
  • B. Khushwant Singh
  • C. Vikram Seth
  • D. Sunil Mittal