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GK Questions for Bank Exams

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66. Who amongst the following won the Australian Open 2007 Women Championship?
  • A. Cara Black
  • B. Maria Sharapova
  • C. Serena Williams
  • D. Chan–Yung–Jan
67. Who amongst the following won the Junior Asia Cup Hockey played in Hyderabad in July 2008?
  • A. South Korea
  • B. India
  • C. Pakistan
  • D. Sri Lanka
68. Structure of Base II is based on how many pillars?
  • A. One
  • B. Two
  • C. Three
  • D. Five
69. Most of the Thermal power stations in India still use which of the following as one of their important inputs to generate power?
  • A. Coal
  • B. Sea Water
  • C. Heavy Water
  • D. Natural Gas
70. Which of the following organization/agencies has established a fund known as Investor Protection Fund?
  • A. Ministry of Finace
  • B. RBI
  • C. SIDBI
  • D. Bombay Stock Exchange