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Information System MCQ Questions

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1. Which of the following is a graphic representation of the modules in the system and the interconnection between them?
  • A. System chart
  • B. Structural chart
  • C. Flow chart
  • D. Pie chart
Answer: B.
Structural chart
2. Which of the following is generally not contained in a feasibility document?
  • A. Dataflow diagrams
  • B. Project name
  • C. Problem descriptions
  • D. Feasible alternative solutions
Answer: A.
Dataflow diagrams
3. A channel for communicating across a boundary between two or more subsystem is known as
  • A. Data path
  • B. Walk through
  • C. Act gram
  • D. Interface
Answer: D.
4. During what phase, the requirements analysis is performed?
  • A. System investigation phase
  • B. System analysis phase
  • C. System development phase
  • D. System design phase
Answer: B.
System analysis phase