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Computer Quiz Questions

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1. Computer is a/an
  • A. Operation system
  • B. An input device
  • C. Monitoring device
  • D. Electronic device
Answer: D.
Electronic device
2. Who is the chief of Microsft?
  • A. Babbage
  • B. Bush
  • C. Bill clinton
  • D. Bill gates
Answer: D.
Bill gates
3. First mechanical calculator
  • A. Abacus
  • B. Pascaline
  • C. Napier’s bones
  • D. Stepped reckoner
Answer: A.
4. A computer can perform which of the following tasks?
  • A. Computation
  • B. Storing data
  • C. Processing
  • D. All of the above
Answer: D.
All of the above