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Basic Grammar -> Adverb

1. Adverb:
  (i) We have seen in the previous section, how adjectives modify nouns or pronouns.
  (ii)   Similarly, adverbs also work as modifiers to verbs, adjectives, clauses, phrases or even another adverb.
2. An adverb can do the following
   Indicate manner, time, place, cause or degree of a noun, pronoun or an action
   Questions like how, when, where and how much, can also be answered by an adverb.
3. For example:
  (i)   Our cook quickly made the food, when we told her that we were very hungry.
  The adverb 'quickly' modifies the verb 'made' and also tells how fast the food was made.
  (ii)   Johnson wasn't getting picked for the team, but he was determined to patiently wait for his chance.
  The adverb 'patiently' modifies the verb 'wait' and also shows the manner in which Johnson decided to wait.
  (iii)   We argued him to undertake rock climbing more carefully, otherwise he could be paralyzed for life.
  Here, the adverb 'carefully' is in fact modifying another adverb (more).