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Basic Grammar -> Types of Sentences

1. Sentences :
  Simple sentence
  Compound sentence
  Complex sentence
1. Simple sentence : In the above sentences, the group of words given in bold and underlined in Phrases.
  On hearing the bell they rushed out.
  Being late I missed the train.
  Inspite of his hard work he did not get a rank.
  On account of his coming late he was punished.
2. Compound sentence
  The newspaper arrived and at once we saw the results.
  He is weak but he attends office.
  You should learn grammar or you cannot write good English.
  He reads newspaper and collects the latest information.
3. Complex sentence: When he arrived, the people gave him a warm welcome. Though she studied well, she could not get the first mark. As today is a government holiday, the office is closed. After he had read the book, he returned it to the library.