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1. Pen is to Pencil as Hockey is to
  • A. Team
  • B. Ground
  • C. Football
  • D. Players
  • E. None of these
Ans: C.
Pen and Pencil are the articles to write and Hockey and Football are the items to play.
2. Sports is related to Logo in the same way as Nation is related to
  • A. Animal
  • B. Anthem
  • C. Ruler
  • D. Emblem
  • E. None of these
Ans: D.
The symbol Logo is related to Sports. Likewise Emblem is related to Nation.
3. Crime is related to Police in the same way as Flood is related to
  • A. Dam
  • B. River
  • C. Rain
  • D. Reservoir
  • E. None of these
Ans: A.
Police is meant to check Crime and Dam is Constructed to prevent Flood.
4. England is related to Atlantic Ocean in the same way as Greenland is related to
  • A. Antarctica Ocean
  • B. Arctic Ocean
  • C. Pacific Ocean
  • D. Atlantic Ocean
  • E. None of these
Ans: B.
England is situated in Atlantic Ocean. Green Land is situated in Arctic ocean.
5. Bank is related to Money in the same way as Transport is related to
  • A. Movement
  • B. Road
  • C. Goods
  • D. Speed
  • E. Traffic
Ans: C.
Bank is the institute which deals with transaction of Money. Likewise Transport deals with the movement of Goods.