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Banking, currency Gk Questions

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1. Reserve Bank of India was set up in
  • A. 1931
  • B. 1935
  • C. 1947
  • D. 1949
Answer: B.
2. In which of the following banks one cannot open a personal account?
  • A. Cooperative Bank
  • B. Commercial Bank
  • C. Reserve Bank of India
  • D. Scheduled Bank
Answer: C.
Reserve Bank of India
3. The Imperial Bank of India, after nationalisation, was given the name of
  • A. Reserve Bank of India
  • B. Indian Overseas Bank
  • C. Bank of India
  • D. State Bank of India
Answer: D.
State Bank of India
4. Commercial Banking System in India is
  • A. Branch Banking
  • B. Mixed Banking
  • C. Unit Banking
  • D. All the above
Answer: B.
Mixed Banking