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World Geography Gk Questions

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1. The world’s most active volcano is
  • A. Cotapaxi
  • B. Fujiyama
  • C. Vesuvius
  • D. Kilauea
Answer: D.
2. Which one of the following is the busiest ocean route in the world?
  • A. North Atlantic Route
  • B. Pacific Ocean Route
  • C. South Atlantic Route
  • D. Mediterranean Suez Route
Answer: A.
North Atlantic Route
3. Pygmies are inhabitants of
  • A. Africa
  • B. Asia
  • C. Australia
  • D. South America
Answer: A.
4. Which of the following districts of Andhra Pradesh is regarded as the rice bowl of the state?
  • A. Warangal
  • B. Cuddapah
  • C. Chittoor
  • D. Nellore
Answer: B.